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General Conditions : Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

In accordance with the provisions of Protection of Personal Data, we inform the user that the data entered in this form will be included in a file, which shall belong to DRESSWOOD™ Ltd. (owner of allPrivateHealth.com). To be processed for the purpose of managing commercial and sending communications regarding our products and / or services. Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their data, by letter, accompanied by a copy of the official document proving your identity, aimed at DRESSWOOD™ Ltd. (owner of allPrivateHealth) , Via e-mail at helpdesk@allprivatehealth.com, indicating in the subject line you want to exercise the right. The user declares to have read the above clause and be content with it.

1/allPrivateHealth.com Directory is owned and managed by DRESSWOOD™ Ltd. The information provided aims to support, and in no way ever replace, the relationship between patient/user/visitor of this website and their GP, Doctor, or any health professional. Patients should always seek professional medical advice directly from health professionals.

2/allPrivateHealth.com create and manage this global directory of advertisers/health professionals. The mission of this website is to provide an easy to use internet platform, enabling the direct connection and communication between patients/users/visitors and advertisers on the website, this including health professionals and the content-information submitted by advertisers on this website. allPrivateHealth.com reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, and those changes will be communicated to all advertisers and users as soon as possible. All users and advertisers fully accept that it is considered a notification of changes when allPrivateHealth.com insert the new text including the new general Terms of Use and conditions to this website.

3/The information/content submitted by advertisers/publishers depends solely on them. It is users/visitors/patients responsibility to check directly with health professionals´ credentials, testimonials, and any/all other information required and related to medical treatment. Though, we take every care in publishing advertisers/health professionals content as accurately as possible, it is the patient/user/visitor´s responsibility to research directly with health professionals.

4/The advertiser/health professional agrees and declares that the data provided to this website allPrivateHealth.com is accurate, true and complete. It is the advertiser/health professional´s responsibility to notify allPrivateHealth.com of any changes to ensure there are no problems arising from/where some incorrect or outdated data feature on the website.

5/Any/all information/content created and published exclusively by allPrivateHealth.com, and not by any other or third party, is there to support patients/user/visitor´s with their research online. We create and manage the directory allPrivateHealth.com, and we are not health professionals, and the content published on this website is not a substitute to professional medical advice. Any/all users/visitors/patients should always seek professional medical advice directly from health professionals.

6/All contents of this site are property of allPrivateHealth.com or the suppliers of the services, goods offered to this website, and to those offering goods and services to others via this website, and are protected by national and international intellectual property. This protection extends to design, compilation, assembly, configuration, software, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, files, video, audio, all media, and more. All users of this website, including advertisers and free users, fully agree to respect all intellectual property rights and therefore will not copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit, publish, display, represent any of those contents of this website, or make any other activity that may violate these property rights.

7/We do not hold any financial information or records from any advertiser, health professional, user, visitor or patient. This website is free to use for users/visitors/patients. Advertisers/health professionals will finalise their registration after completing payment online via an external third party, such as PayPal and/or Credit Card via PayPal. This website is not responsible and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the submission of financial information to a third party by the advertiser/health professional. It is the advertiser/health professional´s responsibility to safeguard his/her financial information at all times.

8/Registration on this website is only required to advertisers/health professionals. Users/visitors/patients are able to search this website free of charge, and will only submit voluntarily their basic contact information, including name, email and phone contact if they wish to receive further information from this website allPrivateHealth.com and advertisers featuring on this website.

9/Passwords for the use of this website are issued by allPrivateHealth.com and delivered to the advertiser/health professional by email. The advertiser/health professional is fully responsible to keep and safeguard the password at all times. The advertiser/health professional agrees to accept full responsibility for the economic and any/all needs arising from any use of this website using the user´s password of this website allPrivateHealth.com, and of those by the use of the user´s password by a third party.

10/Any individual can be a user of this website regardless of nationality or country of residence, provided it has explicitly accepted these Terms of Use. By logging in or using any part of the website it is expressly understood that the user accepted these Terms in their entirety. Any user who has accepted these Terms in their entirety can access to the information contained on this website allPrivateHealth.com

11/Advertisers/health professionals and patients/users/visitors all fully agree that the information collected by this website allPrivateHealth.com, will be stored by allPrivateHealth.com in a personal database owned by allPrivateHealth.com. This data will be used from allPrivateHealth.com to maintain regular marketing and any/all other communications, with the express consent of advertisers/health professionals and also patients/users/visitors.

12/allPrivateHealth.com make every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate at all times, and to avoid any usage problems arising from technical difficulties, and so allPrivateHealth.com does not guarantee explicitly or implicitly the operation of the website, or the information, content, software, materials or products included in it.

13/allPrivateHealth.com will not be held liable in any default or defective performance by any advertiser/health professional on this website. Likewise, allPrivateHealth.com will not be held liable in any default or defective performance by any other provider of products and services offered to the visitor/user/patient or any advertiser/health professional through this website, of the obligations under the existing terms and conditions of product, service, use, that is conducted via this website. allPrivateHealth is not responsible for the actions carried out directly by manufacturers, distributors, or suppliers of goods or services offered via this website, and will not be liable for moral damages, lost profits and/or any indirect or consequential damages that any user or advertiser of this website may suffer.

14/allPrivateHealth.com (owned and managed by DRESSWOOD™ Ltd.) operates under and it is governed by Hong Kong law, placing allPrivateHealth.com, patients/visitors and advertisers, by renouncing to their own jurisdiction, under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Hong Kong for any question that might arise concerning the interpretation, performance or breach of these Terms and their effects. Any/all costs that may arise from expenses incurred in any kind of procedure to be followed will be borne by the offending party whether the damages, and the costs include legal fees and attorney’s accounts, even if their intervention was not procedurally prescriptive. Where pursuant to the General Conditions and the law, allPrivateHealth.com should compensate an advertiser, the compensation to be charged may not exceed in any case the value of the goods or services whose procurement by the user has caused the claim in favour of him.

15/Patients/visitors/users and advertisers/health professionals agree in full with the Terms of Use of this website allPrivateHealth.com

Through this web site is not collected, or is transferred to third parties any personal information without the prior actual knowledge of the users.

Data supplied voluntarily by the user:

The personal data are requested, where appropriate, to users, consist only of those strictly necessary to identify and provide the requested service. This information will be treated with the sole purpose of providing an effective and meet the relevant objectives, specified by the option or service the user requests.
The user will be informed, prior to the collection of data, end covered in this policy to enable it to pay the express, precise and unambiguous for the treatment of their data, according to the specified, explicit and legitimate indicated in each case.

The personal data that are provided by the user through the corresponding web form or email, be incorporated into a file duly registered in the public of the competent supervisory authority, whose responsibility is to DRESSWOOD™ Ltd.

Navigation data:

The navigation system and software required to run this website collect some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This information is not obtained to be associated with identified users, but by its very nature could, through their association with third party data, to enable identification of them. This category of data includes the IP address or domain name of the computer used by the user to connect to the website, the URL of the requested resource, time, and other parameters of the operating system environment of the user .
This data is used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about using the website or check the correct technical functioning of the website and are canceled immediately after verification, subject to the obligations established by Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce.

Cookies and web bugs:

Under no circumstances use cookies or web bugs to collect personal data identifying the user. The use of cookies or web bugs is reserved exclusively to give users access to the website (preferences and user navigation patterns).
The use of session cookies (not stored permanently on the user’s computer and disappear by closing the browser), where appropriate, be limited only to gather technical information to identify the session in order to facilitate the safe exploration and efficient website.
If you do not allow the use of the items listed, configure your browser to refuse cookies and / or delete existing ones, and disable the Java Script in your browser security settings.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition
Interested parties may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, or revoke your consent to the processing of their data, addressing Dresswood Ltd. (owner of allPrivateHealth.com), by written communication by sending an email to helpdesk@allprivatehealth.com, indicating in the subject line who wish to exercise the right.


This privacy policy applies only to the website of allPrivatehealth.com, is not guaranteed access through links to this site or any links from this site to other websites.


Security measures taken by DRESSWOOD™ Ltd. are appropriate to the level of security required of the user data you provided, in accordance with the provisions of Protection Personal Data and its implementing regulation, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December.

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