Stem Cell Therapy – ProgenCell

Stem Cell Therapy – ProgenCell

Progencell works in conjunction with our team of doctors and an alliance of health institutions, to focus on improving the condition of the patient. Specialists in stem cell therapy for MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases.


Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy

Progencell works in conjunction with our team of doctors and an alliance of health institutions, to focus on improving the condition of the patient.

ProgenCell® offers stem cell therapy with effective results. Many years of investigation and our great experience have resulted in a substantial improvement in the health condition of patients with different diseases, even where other treatments have failed.
Through a research protrocol authorized by Mexico’s health department authority (Comisión Federal para la Protección contra Riesgos Sanitarios or COFEPRIS), ProgenCell® uses Autologous Adult Stem Cells to improve health (Stem Cells from the same person).


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Meet Our Medical Team & Staff

Dr. Luis Romero Guerra
President of the Ethics Committee
Born: Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico
University: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Titulo UNAM, Title: Medical Surgeon.
Specialty: Orthopedic surgeon, Magdalena de la Salina Hospital, Mexico D.F.
Certified by the Mexican board of orthopedic surgeons A.C.
Member of the Mexican Association of spine surgeons
Certifications: DGP 896359
Specialist 3211903
Orthopedist association CEO0825SON
Doctor Romero is an Orthopedist and a General Surgeon who graduated from the School of Medicine at Universidad Autonoma De Guadalajara. He has a Post-graduate degree in Orthopedics with a specialization in spinal surgery. Since then, he has studied many refresher courses, he is one of those doctors that never stops learning. He has served as Chief Surgical Services at Hospital Ernesto Contreras R., Chief of Orthopedic Services at Hospital Ernesto Contreras R., Lead Orthopedic surgeon at Hospital el Buen Samaritano in Tijuana. He was also served as Secretary of the Colegio de Ortopedia y Traumatologia de Tijuana in 2002 and 2003.
Co-Founder and Medical Director of ProgenCell. Dr. Romero Guerra belongs to several associations and institutions: Colegio Medico de Tijuana Medical Association of Tijuana Colegio de Ortopedia y Traumatologia de Tijuana Orthopedics Assocation of Tijuana Currently he does research related to bone marrow reconnection in spinal cord injury as well as ligament surgery of the lumbar region. He also dedicates his time to research about treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases with auto infusion of stem cells from the bone marrow.
Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño Contreras
President of the Scientists' Committe
Born: Mazatlán, Sin., Mexico
University: Universidad Autonoma De Baja California, Title: General practice M.D.
Certified by the Mexican Board of General Practice M.D., C.A.
Biology and Health science teacher since 1996 at state High school system
Biology Titular Professor of the state system for 12 years
Certifications: DGP 2351214
Medical certification 05-02-BC-0031
Dr. Miguel Angel Matildes Victorino
Internal Medicine
Born: México D.F.
University: UNAM Title: Medical Surgeon
Specialty: Internist Medical Doctor; Univ. Autonoma de Nuevo León
Ex-president of the internist medical association of Baja California
ATLS instructor
Coordinator of state Diabetic association
Dr. Joaquín Garcia Zeevaert
 Born: Mexico D.F.
University: Universidad Autonoma de Baja California; Title: Medico General
Specialty: Orthopedic surgeon; Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
Certify by the Mexican board of orthopedic and traumatologist C.A.
Dra. Norma Niño Sulkowska
 Born: San Luis Potosi, SLP, Mexico
University: UNAM, Title: Medical surgeon
Specialty: Ophthalmology; Institute of ophthalmology Foundation Conde de Valencia Mexico D.F.
Master degrees: - Contact Lents technologies Baylor College Medicine, Houston Tx
Ophthalmic microsurgery L.J. Girard Ophthalmological foundation, Houston
American academy of ophthalmology since 1985
Dr. Héctor Soto Espinoza
Born: San Luis Río Colorado, Son. México
University: Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Title: Medical surgeon.
Specialty: Internist Medical Doctor; Hospital Regional Unidad Morelos IMSS Chihuahua, Chih.
Cardiologist: Hospital de Altas Especialidades #25 Centro Médico Noreste IMSS.
Interventionist Cardiologist: Universitario Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain.
Certified by the Mexican council of Cardiology.
Member of: Mexican association of Cardiology.
Association of Cardiologists of Baja California.
Lab Director of Cardiac Institute of research and cardiovascular intervention of Tijuana
Dr Hugo Navarrete
Born: San Luis Potosí, SLP. México
University: Universidad Autónoma de México.
Specialty: Neurology, Hospital de Especialidades, Centro Médico de Occidente IMSS, Guadalajara, Jal. México.
Member of: Mexican association of Pediatric Neurology, A.C
World Neurology Federation.
Mexican Academy of Neurology, A.C.
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Patient Testimonials - Comments and Votes

Patient"I am the mother of a now 6 year old girl who has a diagnosis of PDD/NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In 2010 I begin obtaining any and all information... "
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"I am the mother of a now 6 year old girl who has a diagnosis of PDD/NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

In 2010 I begin obtaining any and all information I could about stem cells. I educated myself on the various types of stem cells and the treatments offered from many clinics around the world.

After reading many published research papers about stem cells and talking with many parents who have visited stem cell clinics for their children; I felt I was able to make an informed decision on a clinic to take my daughter G to. She was 5 yrs at that time.

We chose ProgenCell. From the day I called the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. All of my questions where answered in a very timely manner.

We flew across the country and arrived at the San Diego Airport. There we were promptly picked up by a driver and taken across the Mexican border to our Hotel. After getting settled into our hotel we then were driven to the ProgenCell Clinic where we were introduced to all of the staff and the Doctors.

ProgenCell´s doctors took their time in answering any questions I may have had. They where also reassuring that the procedure was a routine procedure and that it was safe.

The next day my daughter had her procedure. All went as I was told it would go. We then returned to the hotel to rest. The next day we left for home.

That is when the first miracle happened. At the airport I bought an activity book for my daughter. While on the plane she took my finger and pointed and read the words of all the colors! G then properly matched the words of the colors to the colors of a picture of a rainbow on the same page! I did not even know my daughter could say the names of colors or even read them for that matter!

When we returned home my husband could see a difference in her. She just seemed to be more aware.

We returned on a Thursday and by Saturday my daughter started sleeping through the night! Before she had been a horrible insomniac!

My daughter is in a special CDC kindergarten class at her school. Before stem cells she could barley do any preschool level work. G is now doing many on level kindergarten skills! My daughter is also a little wiz on the computer when before she could not even maneuver a mouse!

We have received two stem cells treatments with ProgenCell. And have been happy with the results. Yes my daughter is still autistic. But her and our lives have been made easier with the help of stem cells and Doctors at ProgenCell. At this point in time I Truly Believe that Stem Cells are the Best treatment available for Autism."

Thank You!
Patient"I also wanted to tell you that following my treatment on the plane ride home, I started hearing in my left ear and my overall hearing..."
Cherie B.
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"I also wanted to tell you that following my treatment on the plane ride home, I started hearing in my left ear and my overall hearing has improved. It's still impaired but instead of gradual loss of hearing I have significant improvement. I've decreased the volume settings on my home TV by 25%. I haven't been able to hear in my left ear with a headset for over a year and on the flight home I was startled when I heard the captain make a announcement. I heard the announcement in my left ear and my headset wasn't even plugged into the speaker system as I was watching a movie on my IPad and my headset was plugged into the IPad speakers.

It's generally hard to recognize the change as one can't tell which ear they are hearing from but had complained over a year ago that a headset was defective and only worked on one side. The gentleman turned the headset around and I could still only hear in the right ear. He made it clear that the defect was in my hearing, not the headset.

The other significant change is that I can lay on my side without my arm going to sleep so my circulation must be better. I haven't been able to sleep on either side for over twenty years."
Patient"The good news is that I seem to be improving almost daily. If I continue to improve over the coming weeks I will be very happy indeed..."
Kind regards, Phil R.
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"The good news is that I seem to be improving almost daily. If I continue to improve over the coming weeks I will be very happy indeed and I will be telling everyone I know about your wonderful clinic and the miracle of stem cell therapy.

Prior to my treatment I was experiencing angina almost daily and sometimes constantly for days in succession. I now experience some comparatively minor discomfort occasionally and the length of time between symptoms is becoming longer.

If I do not have any further improvement, then I would still be very pleased with my progress and my current health status.

I feel fortunate to have found Progencell and your fantastic team and I am looking forward with a great deal of confidence and excitement to enjoy the latter part of my life in relatively good health which I did not think I would be able to do only a short time ago."

God bless you all !

Patient"I have had 3 treatments now, May 2010, well I am so excited that I feel great I just walked up a steep hill yesterday and I was not..."
Mary K.
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"I have had 3 treatments now, May 2010, well I am so excited that I feel great I just walked up a steep hill yesterday and I was not out of breath, It feels like my lungs and throat (no Flem) are stronger, like from the inside out I feel better, more focused. No ache and pains I move much faster, like when I was 30yrs old.

My diabetes is gone my blood work showed just before the 3rd treatment I was almost in normal range 1 number away, and way in control.

My Dr.s in Colorado wanted to put me on Drugs and take out my gallbladder, and put me on insulin. I told them no I am doing Stem Cells and no exercise of course eating a little better.

My eye site came back, (as I was loosing my eye site), my levels came down from (AIC 10.2 down to 6.62 and my glucose came down from 287 to 114 on my last test.

4 treatments now 02/2011
1. My eye site came back,( as I was loosing my eye site) after the 4th treatment maybe 1 month my eye site stayed solid and focused.

2. Also, I have been noticing that my lungs feel strong and I have been scuba diving for 17 yrs now and the last 10 yrs my ears always got water in my ears and I couldn't dive, my ears would hurt.

3. I just dove 6 times in a row and noticed that my ears are like they were 17yrs ago, no water and clear. I know that it is not much for you but for me I am happy. I thought my age was going to prevent me from diving anymore.

4. Also, when I breathe I feel strong in my breath and deeper breath, no coughing. No Bronchitis, or allegories.

5. My bladder is much stronger and I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. (I used to get up maybe 2 to 3 times)

6. My sinuous is clear and no stuffy nose at all 100% clear and I have to say I would never have gone this long with out stuffy nose and some cold, especially traveling to different climates and states and countries. I have been to San Diego, Arizona, Mexico in a short time and back to Colorado.

Note, Each treatment better, this was not all at once, take note of everything you are feeling now and write it down and then see after your treatments, keep writing these things down, because you get used to small changes that add up.

I was getting used to everything breaking down without really noticing and just excepting my age. Everything is much better like healing from the inside out."

Patient"Everything was perfect and all the staff an doctors made it easy, pleasant and nice. Thanks for all your kindness."
Patient(Spanish)"Durante el tratamiento, mejore sensiblemente el cansancio excesivo y la frecuencia de activaciones de la enfermedad..."
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"Durante el tratamiento, mejore sensiblemente el cansancio excesivo y la frecuencia de activaciones de la enfermedad; podia estar mas alerta y activa por mas tiempo.

Al finalizar el tratamiento, me siento excelente, porque de esa fecha a este dia , no me he activado y mi calidad de vida se ha hecho normal igual a antesde la enfermedad. He dejado de tomar medicinas e inyecciones."

Patient"I went to ProgenCell because I have Multiple Sclerosis and have been suffering from many symptoms of the disease for years."
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"At the end of my first treatment at ProgenCell, Dr. Gaviño said to me, "Your MS will no longer progress and you are going to see improvements in your condition." I thought, "Yeah, we'll see. It can't really be that easy." I have just read my San Francisco Doctor's report on my latest MRI and he concludes there are no new lesions on my brain and spinal cord, and SEVERAL LESIONS HAVE DISAPPEARED. There is nothing in U.S. FDA-approved treatment or drugs that can heal the damage caused to nerves by MS, meaning make existing lesions disappear. The best they can do to is slow the progression. I have not suffered any new symptoms of MS and am feeling less fatigue every day. I highly recommend ProgenCell and the stem cell therapy provided there. The staff and doctors were happy to answer all my questions, were c ourteous and compassionate, and were knowledgeable far beyond the stem cell field, being doctors qualified in many specialties."

Patient(Spanish)"Tengo 2 años de relacion con sus tratamientos y personal, la experiencia ha sido muy gratificante, son gente con calidad humana, profesionales, integros sobre todo, hoy por hoy mi problema inmunologico esta controlado 100%."
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