- Carpal Tunnel Surgery in ASIA

CNU Hospital Group – South Korea

CNU Hospital Group – South Korea
Korea, South | City: Gwangju

We are a group of the best hospitals in Korea specialists in dentistry, heart surgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery. According to recent surveys about patient satisfaction CNU Hospitals rank among the best in Korea.


Thailand | City: Bangkok

Internationally accredited Bumrungrad is a multi-speciality hospital located in Bangkok, servicing over 400,000 international patients each year. Experts in weight loss and orthopedic surgery. The largest private hospital in Southeast Asia.

Orthopedic Surgery India – Tomar Clinic

Orthopedic Surgery India – Tomar Clinic
India | City: New Delhi

Dr. L. Tomar is a specialist orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in orthopedic surgery and medical tourism. He is an eminent expert of invasive and non-invasive orthopaedic surgery. A popular private clinic in India.

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