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How Does Work? is a free online platform designed to connect patients (actively searching for medical treatment) with health providers (providing the treatment required by the patient) locally and internationally, giving patients a selection of the most popular listed options. If we are unable to connect you with a health provider in your preferred chosen location today, we will try to connect you with the nearest available to you (now including options abroad too!). Our network expands over 40 countries and 260 cities worldwide, including specialist internet partners that will also assist you in connecting with doctors. Make a free no-obligation enquiry and find out more about your surgery directly from health professionals.


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When you search for a clinic with you get exclusive and free access to a variety of very useful tools and information describing health providers so you can make an informed decision prior to sending your inquiry to a doctor, clinic or hospital. Doctors and medical staff CV, treatments and prices, patient testimonials, location and more!

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Read testimonials and reviews by patients sharing their treatment experience with you. And if you decide to book your surgery with one of the health providers listed on the website, we would like to hear from you, review a clinic and let us now about your own experience

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*Reviews and Testimonials accepted only for listed health providers

Cost of Surgery Guide *Price Estimation Compare

One of the questions we get asked more frequently is “how much does my surgery cost?”. We have created for you a platform to compare the most popular treatments in several countries, though you must keep in mind that all prices shown are simple *estimations and not a guarantee of actual cost of surgery. Each health provider offers its own pricing, terms & conditions and you must always check all that information directly with your chosen clinic, hospital or doctor. Many health providers prefer not to publish their surgery rates publicly andwill only send you a quote upon request by completing the Enquiry Form.

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With you can share (if you wish) any content with friends, family and your contacts very easily via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and pretty much every major social network around. Sharing your findings with others is always just 1 click away!


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The blog looks great and it works on every platform, including mobile phones. Read the latest news and articles published by specialist writers, doctors, and be the first to vote and rate them. Though our focus is health care, in our blog we also publish medical tourism news and Information that is innovative and relevant, all very easy to read and share.



Doctor Apps Download | Get Apps from Clinics

Listed clinics and doctors with allPrivateHealth will share their latest apps to better engage and communicate with patients before, during, and after treatment.
*Only listed clinics are allowed to publish apps. List your clinic. Fertility App



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