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The average private clinic or private hospital in South Korea is becoming a preferred choice by international patients. South Korea is attracting patients from neighbouring countries in Asia, and also patients from North America and Europe.

What can you look forward to find at a hospital in South Korea? State of the art infrastructure, highly qualified doctors due to the superb educational system in this country and the fact that many physicians have also trained with well known surgeons abroad.

English is taught as a second language in the country’s primary and secondary schools. The country excels in Spinal and Back Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Dental Treatment, Organ Transplantation, Cancer Treatments and Cyberknife Procedures.

South Korea is also well known for its combination of the latest medical advances and traditional mind-body natural and oriental medicine.

CNU Hwasun Hospital is regarded as one of the best hospitals in the Asia-Pacific region. This hospital in South Korea holds the JCI Accreditation and it has highly trained multi-lingual doctors, surgeons and nursing staff.

CNU Hwasun Hospital provide medical treatment to national and international patients, specialising primarily in: Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Hematology-Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Urology, and Breast Endocrine Surgery. You can view CNU Hwasun Hospital’s full page and contact this health care provider directly.

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Capital: Seoul

Seoul: 9,800,000

Busan: 3,400,000

Incheon: 2,600,000

Taegu: 2,500,000

Koyang: 1,500,000

Country Information

Country Code: +82

Official Language: Korean

Total Population: 49,000,000

Gross Income p. Capita: $28,000

Spend on Health p. Capita: $1,900

Spend on Health % of GDP: 6%

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