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Ecuador´s private health care providers offer high medical standards and a pleasant stay before, during and after medical treatment. There are some of the best private hospitals and surgeons in Latin America, and in addition medical costs are a fraction of those in countries like the U.S. or United Kingdom. Apart from the low costs there are well advanced private clinics and private hospitals in Ecuador. A hospital in Ecuador catering to the international patient is fully equipped to match international health standards, this type of private clinic or private hospital in Ecuador are found primarily in Ecuador’s larger cities such as Quito or Guayaquil.

Most patients will seek medical treatment at a hospital in Ecuador for treatments such as Family Care, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Clinic Medicine, or General Surgery. Many doctors in Ecuador have trained at internationally acclaimed universities and specialist hospitals and clinics abroad.

Clinics in Ecuador also provide Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics, Weight Loss Surgery and Dental procedures at low costs. Typical savings may vary depending on the type of surgery required but it is quite common to save up to 60% on medical costs compared with other health offering countries around the world.
Recovering after an illness or procedure is also pleasant in Ecuador with numerous beaches, tropical climate and nature trails.

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Capital: Quito

Guayaquil: 2,300,000

Quito : 1,650,000

Cuenca: 340,000

Machala: 250,000

Santo Domingo: 240,000

Country Information

Country Code: +593

Official Language: Spanish

Total Population: 14,000,000

Gross Income p. Capita: $7,900

Spend on Health p. Capita: $500

Spend on Health % of GDP: 5.8%

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