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Health tourism in Argentina

Argentina is a very popular medical tourism destination for American, Canadian and European patients. This country offers one of the best private hospital networks in South America, particularly in the capital city Buenos Aires. The health tourism trend in Argentina grew in popularity after their currency (the peso) collapsed in January 2002. A very favorable exchange rate for patients continues to exist to this day.

But excellent value for money isn’t everything, the private health system in Argentina also excels at delivering internationally schooled and highly trained doctors, many of them graduating at top universities in the United States, Canada and Europe. Typically, the cost of surgery in Argentina can be in the region of 25% to 50% less compared with other countries across Latin America, and around the globe.

Where can you find the best hospital in Argentina? Buenos Aires, the capital and this nation’s largest city, boasts of excellent private health services ranging from cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, fertility treatment, orthopedic surgery or weight loss surgery. Other recommended places to find a good hospital in Argentina include Cordoba, Mendoza and Rosario.

And that’s not all. Patients enjoy no waiting time for surgery and nearly no language barriers, as most medical staff are fluent in other languages such as English or German. For any specific language requirements, a translator can be hired in advance at many of the best private clinics in Argentina.

Undoubtedly, this is an absolute beautiful and tremendously interesting destination for culture, tourism and gastronomy. It is highly recommended to ask your doctor for wellness programs and choices for rehabilitation in Argentina.

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Capital: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: 12,000,000

Cordoba: 1,500,000

Rosario: 1,250,000

Mendoza: 1,000,000

Tucuman: 870,000

Country Information

Country Code: +54

Official Language: Spanish

Total Population: 41,000,000

Gross Income p. Capita: $15,000

Spend on Health p. Capita: $1,400

Spend on Health % of GDP: 9%

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