Healthcare at Kongresist

Healthcare at Kongresist

Provider of high standard medical care in Turkey, with affordable prices at your preferred hospital, with your preferred dentist or doctor, at your preferred time slot. We will guide you step-by-step through the entire process.


Dental Clinic Turkey – Healthcare at Kongresist

Healthcare at Kongresist

Our understanding of medical tourism is comfortably traveling abroad with an emphasis on healthcare turning your trip to a relaxed holiday.

Dental Clinic Turkey

Our understanding of medical tourism is comfortably traveling abroad with an emphasis on healthcare turning your trip to a relaxed holiday and solving your health issues as well. You will go back home rejuvenated mentally as well as physically taking with you the wonderful memories to cherish. KONGRESIST as a member of the Medical Tourism Association of USA has very good relations and cooperation agreements with the hospitals in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, Izmir pearl of the Aegean region and Antalya capital city of the turquoise coast of Mediterranean.


Medical tourists can access high quality medical care in Turkey with incredible savings and – also avoid long waiting times for surgery and other consultations not to mention the leisure and peaceful recuperation in complete anonymity. However, it is vital to clarify the qualifications, training, and accreditation of the doctors and surgeons before committing to treatment. The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health regulates all the clinics and hospitals in Turkey, and each must meet the ministry’s standards and requirements. The Turkish Medical Association is the national organization representing medical practitioners in the public and private sectors.

KONGRESIST – Provider of high standard medical care with affordable PRICES at your PREFERRED HOSPITAL with your PREFERRED DOCTOR at your PREFERRED TIME SLOT.
We are here to provide comfort and TLC for your wellbeing like a close family member. Our success lies in our respect and love for mankind and nature. You are kindly recommended to use the services of “Healthcare at
Kongresist” for your Treatment Abroad. Among the many reasons are:

1 – Reliability (32 year old company always known for its integrity),
2 – Know-how of the medical facilities, doctors, hospitals because of the different professional departments KONGRESIST has in this field,
3 – First hand knowledge of medical treatment due to prominent medical professor of medicine in the family,
4 – Know-how of international touristic requirements of different nationalities,
5 – Well planned activities for your recovery period,
6 – Long experience in the field of incoming touristic services from Europe and USA mainly,
7 – Transfers, best hotel rates, tickets,
8 – Multilingual staff ready to assist 7/24, from arrival to departure,
9 – Focus on patient safety,
10 – Accountability,
11 – Ethical business practices- management policies & communication,
12 – Healthcare coaching, healthcare solutions,
13 – No more Cancer coaching,
14 – Continuous quality improvement – in Pursuit of Perfection.

Services Before Arrival to Istanbul

Program Managers will guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Within a short period of time, you will receive valuable assistance from our Program Managers to help facilitate the planning for your medical retreat as follows:
Evaluation of the medical reports with the coordination of our medical advisor and hospitals,
Provide you with a list of medical consultants who are the best in their fields suited to your particular medical needs to select from,
Provide you a list of hospitals with finest infrastructure,
Price determination,
Furnish you with a no commitment cost estimate of your treatment within 48 hours,
Assistance in selecting the finest hospital and well trained, expert doctors who provide services at the most competitive rates for your treatment,
Schedule all necessary appointments and initiate the admission procedure,
Advise on passport and visa,
Formation of the trip plan, flight tickets, etc.,
Hotel reservations,
General information about the country and the city,
Information about the local customs in the city and the hospital,
Services While in Istanbul
Program management, trained program manager who will guide along his/her path, unique to each,
Meet and greet at the airport,
Private transportation to hotel,
Pre-arranged check-in,
Half day complimentary orientation tour of the city,
Private transfer to/from doctor’s consultation,
Private transfer to/from medical procedure,
Scheduling medical appointments,
Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic,
Private communication assistance, cell phone or 24 hr. contact number,
Check on recuperating patient daily once procedure is performed,
Provide emotional support if necessary while visiting,
Assist with local tour and excursion arrangements,
Provide info about dining, shopping, pampering facilities,
Provide info about local culture and customs,
Assure that patient is comfortable & content,
Empower patients to make appropriate lifestyle and healthcare choices for themselves and family,
Educate patients about the options available for their well being and health, alternative medicine practices to be used along the standard medical treatments,
Nutritional counseling,
Healthcare coaching,
Deliver to airport for departure,
Assist customs at check in,
Arrange for airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary.

Our Staff

Most hospitals in Turkey have English-speaking doctors and medical staff that are certified by the Turkish Medical Association as well as being members of organizations according to their specializations, including the Turkish Dental Association, Turkish Gynecologist & Obstetric Association, Turkish Orthopedic and Traumatology Association, Turkish Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Association, Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, and other specialized associations.
Most of these hospitals are also affiliated with top US medical providers such as the Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medicine amongst others. Hospitals catering to medical tourism in Turkey are equipped with the latest medical technologies and have board-certified staff, with over 35% of them trained in the US and other Western countries.

Why Turkey?

Dynamic and young, with a promising future, Turkey is the natural bridge between East and West. Founded in 1923 the Turkish Republic is confidently progressing towards being the leader of emerging economies with its 75 million young and industrious brains, numerous universities, vast natural resources, mild and inviting climate and geography for the fast growing tourism industry. Turkey has the highest number of JCI accredited healthcare institutions in the world except for the US.
More than 160 000 medical tourists chose Turkey in 2009,
Costs are a fraction of what you locally pay,
Istanbul / Turkey is central, easily accessible,
Turkish Airlines our national carrier offers special discounts for medical tourists,
We only cooperate with international accredited hospitals. More JCI Accredited healthcare institutions than anywhere else in the world (over 36 at present),
Turkey follows European Community Health Standards,
Turkey’s superior healthcare infrastructure,
Availability of latest techniques and technology,
Safe and ethical treatment / operation standards,
Recovery days in a relaxed environment at a city with breathtaking beauty spread on 2 continents where you can have at least 100 things you’ll enjoy doing,
Convenience and speed,
Preferential hospital treatment,
One of the rare countries gifted with natural hot springs and abundant thermal baths with rich minerals with healing effects,
Beautiful, Friendly, Culturally rich country with traditional hospitality at its best, yet modern with up to date facilities.

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Capital: Ankara

Istanbul: 12,000,000

Ankara: 4,000,000

Izmir: 3,000,000

Bursa: 1,650,000

Adana: 1,500,000

Country Information

Country Code: +90

Official Language: Turkish

Total Population: 76,000,000

Gross Income p. Capita: $14,000

Spend on Health p. Capita: $1,000

Spend on Health % of GDP: 6.5%

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