H-Dent – Dentist in Croatia

H-Dent – Dentist in Croatia

Habijanec Dentist Office is a dental clinic located in the town Rovinj, Croatia. It has been providing dental services for over 35 years. Latest technology such as intraoral camera is available. Specialists in cosmetic dentistry and teeth health.


Dental Clinic Croatia – H-Dent


The mission of H-dent Dental Clinic is to provide high quality dental care to our patients in a comfortable, friendly, family oriented atmosphere.

Dental Clinic Croatia

The mission of H-dent Dental Clinic is to provide high quality dental care to our patients in a comfortable, friendly, family oriented atmosphere. H-dent is a dental practice located in the town Rovinj and has been providing dental services for over 35 years. We can proudly say that our dental practice is based on tradition and constant improvement of our dentists.


We can provide quality dental services at very affordable prices. Some of our dental services include:
- Dental implants with bone grafting and sinus lift procedures
- Cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry (full aesthetic crowns, bridges or veneers)
- Prosthodontics (crowns and bridges on teeth or implants, veneers, removable prosthodontics)
- Preventive dentistry (fillings / restorations, scaling, sandblasting)
- Periodontology (treatment of gingivitis and gum disease)
To provide our patients high quality and painless service our dental office is equipped with the latest technology such as intraoral camera that can see all of your teeth on a large monitor or digital X-ray emitting 90% less radiation.

Habijanec Dentist’s Office is located in Rovinj, one of the most beautiful towns of Istria, at the following address: Andree Amorosa, area Sv. Vid.
The office is equipped with all necessary therapeutic and diagnostic instruments and apparatus enabling simple and quick diagnostics and swift, pleasant and high-quality therapeutic results.
The office boasts digital radiovisiography (RVG), apex locator, root canal machining, thermafill canal filling etc. As for prosthetics, together with our laboratories we manage to achieve excellent results in the prosthetic rehabilitation of our patients using state-of-the-art materials and technologies.

Dr. Ivan Habijanec

Dr. Ivan Habijanec, was born in 1979. After his graduating from high school in 1997 he continued his education and finally graduated from Zagreb University, School of dental Medicine. He joined H-dent Dental Clinic as the second generation dentist right after graduation, following in his father’s footsteps.
Dr. Ivan never stopped furthering his dental education. He continually attends courses and seminars in the latest methods and technologies, and for this he travels constantly all over the world. He is also active in several professional organizations and study groups. Many hours of continuing education includes first of all dental implants, bone management (bone grafts), piezosurgery, then cosmetic dentistry using Cad Cam technology, complete mouth restorations, as well as general dentistry as a base of his profession. H-dent office provides the latest in techniques and technology to offer patients the best possible long term success.
When it comes to your smile and dental health dr. Ivan insists to have the most advanced training and technology to make your visit the best dental experience you’ve had.
This kind of experience is something that will give you confidence to refer your family and friends to our office.
Dr. Ivan is a member of the Croatian society for Dental implantology, Croatian Dental chamber.

Dr. Željko Habijanec

Dr. Željko Habijanec, was born in 1949, and graduated from university in Zagreb, School of dental medicine in 1974. After working in Dubrovnik medical center in 1991 he opens his first private dental office.
His older son Ivan works with him as a dentist now in their new H-dent dental office in Rovinj and is proud to say they are truly a family dental practice.
Dr Željko always points out his goal to provide service to his clients in a serene and friendly environment, using his philosophy of client focused care. His approach to dentistry allows him and his team to meet all of your oral health needs, no matter if you’re interested in teeth whitening, dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry – H-dent can help give you a sensational service.
Dr. Željko sees small children on up to adults. When the patient comes into his office he is usually the first person they see. He always want their experience to be a pleasant one. No one can say I love to go to the dentist, but after they leave our office they will.
Since his son Ivan works with him as a dentist in their new beautiful H dent office it truly became a family dental practice.
Dr. Željko is a member of the Croatian society for Dental implantology, Croatian Dental chamber.

What does a dental tourism in Croatia offer?

The first and main reason for dental tourism in Croatia is to save money. We provides high quality dental care that are at least 50% or more lower prices than neighbouring countries in Europe or America. We use modern technology state of the art techniques and equipment and offer guaranty on material and work.
Just for example, let’s compare prices for implant dentistry and dental implants.
Price of a dental implant in the U.S. range from 1250 $ – 3000 $
Price of a dental implant in Italy range from 1000-2000 Euro
Price of a dental implant in England is around 1500 – 2000 Euro
Price of dental implant in Croatia is about 550 Euro or 650 – 700 USD

Even the price of Croatian dentist and dental services are so much lower than in Europe or America. Beside the price, quality of dental service is completely the same as with European or American dentists.
In addition to saving money with dental tourism you are also travelling. Croatia with its long coastline, beautiful beaches, a large number of natural beauties and cultural monuments will surely fascinate you.
Today you can find low coast airline tickets, and when you pay for your accommodation and pay dental services, you will still save money. That is why dental tourism in Croatia is increasingly popular for people all around the world.
Our dental clinic offers a beautiful example of dental tourism in Rovinj. We offer professional dental service; we organize transfers from airports and offer accommodation in private apartments at very low prices.
Cheap dental services and the natural beauty of Rovinj and Istria, together make our idea of a dental tourism an ideal offer for everyone searching for it.

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Capital: Zagreb

Zagreb: 715,000

Split: 180,000

Rijeka: 140,000

Osijek: 87,000

Zadar: 75,000

Country Information

Country Code: +385

Official Language: Croatian

Total Population: 4,500,000

Gross Income p. Capita: $18,000

Spend on Health p. Capita: $1,600

Spend on Health % of GDP: 8%

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