CNU Hospital Group – South Korea

CNU Hospital Group – South Korea

We are a group of the best hospitals in Korea specialists in dentistry, heart surgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery. According to recent surveys about patient satisfaction CNU Hospitals rank among the best in Korea.


CNU Hospital Group – South Korea

CNU Hospital

Multidisciplinary hospital in Korea. Specialists in dentistry, cardiology, cancer treatment and orthopaedic surgery. Medical tourism experts for international patients.

The CNU Hospital Group honors a patient-centered culture. We value patient safety first and customer satisfaction next. We’re proud of our state-of-the-art medical care as well as a naturally refreshing environment of the hospital. We’re eager to adopt new technologies and value global best practices. We’re one of top five cancer hospitals in Korea and second in hip surgery, and the seventh in artificial joint surgery. According to recent surveys about patient satisfaction CNUHH ranks among the highest in Korea.


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Meet Our Medical Team & Staff

Hoon Kook, M.D., Ph.D.
General Director/CEO, Director of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology Clinic
Shin Jung, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Medical Care
Hyung-Jun Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Planning, Director of Hematology & Oncology Clinic
  • Medical Dept. : Hematology
  • Specialization : Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, Chronic Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Stem Cell
  • E-mail : Send Your Enquiry
Young-Chul Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Education & Research, Director of Lung & Esophageal Cancer Clinic
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Patient Testimonials - Comments and Votes

Patient"I had my hip bone injured and can't walk for a long time. I'm under treatment, but it's not getting better. It's so painful. I heard that the best doctor came to Russia, so I just put things aside and came here..."
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This past July 17th to the 20th, Professor Taek Rim Yoon held medical presentation in Russia. Over 100 Russian patients flocked to the volunteer medical service in Vladivostok Railroad Hospital and Ussuriysk Renaissance 21 Hospital.

Patients sitting in a wheelchair or accompanied by their families inquired about the best treatment method, showing their X-rays that they brought. Professor Yoon and others carried out medical treatment for 40 minutes at most to each patient and explained methods for full recovery in detail.

Among them, about 20 patients who got the medical consultation were so moved by clear explanation and friendly medical service from our medical staffs and expressed a desire to visit and receive surgery in the near future. Sergei Kartavyi (22yrs old), who is a resident of Ussuriysk and received surgery this past January in CNU Hwasun Hospital, visited Professor Yoon and gave thanks to him.

In particular, Russian patients had great interests in Professor Yoon's 'Minimally-Invasive Hip Arthroplasty Surgery'. His surgical technique patented by U.S. can preserve muscle and its recovery time is very short.

While the existing technique takes 5-6 days on average for patients to walk after surgery,the new technique was shortened to 1.6 days. As patients from about 16 countries, such as America, England, and Canada, received this surgery, it is already well-known internationally.

Local doctorsin Russia participated in the medical presentation showed great interests in the new surgical technique, Korean medicine, and advanced medical technology. CNU Hwasun Hospital will invite doctors from Vladivostok and Ussuriysk this coming October and let them observe Professor Yoon's surgery.

Professor Yoon remarked, "This visit was a good opportunity to make Russians have trust in Korea's state of art medical treatment," and to that, he added, "I'll spur the attraction of foreign patients by spreading our state-of-the-art medical care in cancer and joint diseases."
Patient"At CNU Hwasun Hospital's Brain Tumor Clinic and Gamma Knife Center (Professor Shin Jung), the number of 'gamma knife' surgeries has reached over 2000 cases this past May 2012..."
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"Gamma knife Radiosurgery is a state of the art brain surgery that treats intracranial diseases using gamma rays instead of having to make incisions into the head. It uses over 200 gamma rays from radioisotopes to focus on and accurately target lesions without causing damage to surrounding brain structures to treat brain disorders. After the procedure, you can witness the tumor's disappearance or reduction in size as well as the effects of apoptosis, and the advantages of this surgery are that there is no pain during the procedure and the patient is able to discharge the following day and immediately return to their daily lifestyle including work.

In particular, CNU Hwasun Hospital's Brain Tumor Clinic and Gamma Knife Center has been the second in Asia to implement the latest 'Gamma Knife Perfexion' technology this past November 2011, bringing in many more patients and providing the most accurate and effective treatment. 'Gamma Knife Perfexion' is based on a completely automated system that reduces treatment timeby atleast half and increases the accuracy level.

Based on the results of the 2000 patients who received this surgery, the treatment success rate was over 90%. The majority of these patients, making up 80%, had brain tumors, followed by cerebrovascular disease. Specifically, metastatic brain tumors made up the majority 50% of brain tumors, and cerebral arteriovenous malformations made up the majority of cerebrovascular diseases.

To commemorate the achievement of 2000 cases of gamma knife radiosurgery, CNU Hwasun Hospital's Brain Tumor Clinic and Gamma Knife Center held an international symposium on "The State of the Art in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery" this past Saturday June 2nd at 10 AM in the basement auditorium of CNU Hwasun Hospital.
Patient"With its visit to Uzbekistan, CNU Hwasun Hospital is bringing on a surge of the "Medical Korean Wave" with medical volunteer service, academic exchange, and advanced Korean medicine..."
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"General Director Hoon Kook, Professor Jung-Han Yoon, and Professor Seong Yeob Ryu among other medical staff visited Uzbekistan, the center of the Central Asian Silk Road, this past May 23rd to the 29th, where they attended the Korea-Uzbek Conference and Medical Health Collaboration Conference to meet and create ties with key members.

While visiting the City Cancer Center in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, National Cancer Center, First Republic Hospital, and Bukhara Cancer Center to hold information sessions, medical volunteer service was provided as well.

A banquet was held by the 'Fund Forum,' a core organization that handles businesses that support Uzbekistan culture, art, and medicine, and was attended by a large crowd of high officials and medical associates for an unforgettable event.

These events caught the attention of the media and a TV interview with General Director Hoon Kook and Professor Jung-Han Yoon was broadcast on national television.

Medical staff also took on "Share the Love" projects to provide free treatment to pediatric cancer and breast cancer patients.

Many patients were touched by the caring medical staff and their clear explanations so much that many patients expressed a desire to personally visit CNU Hwasun Hospital to receive surgery. Among them, 2 patients are already planning to visit and receive surgery for tumor and breast cancer in the near future.

CNU Hwasun Hospital's visit was marked with a high number of patients who had many questions, and it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of visits by patients from Central Asia, making this an important step in the referral of international patients to Korea.

General Director Hoon Kook remarked, "As Uzbekistan's medical service is not yet at the same level as that of Korea, they are showing much interest in our advanced medical techniques," and to that, he promised, "We will do everything in our power to not only invite medical staff for training but also promote mutual improvement."
Patient'Korean Medicine' Makes Smiles Blossom in Vietnam CNU Hwasun Hospital Professor Shin Jung, Brain Tumor Surgery for a Vietnamese Child Burst of Emotions at On-location Reunion... Included Medical Information Seminar and MOU Establishment ..
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The location was a house in the region of Son Tay near the capital of Hanoi in Vietnam. More than 30 Vietnamese individuals gathered here and roared in applause as neurosurgeon and professor Shin Jung arrived with a group of members from Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital. A young boy ran up eagerly to Professor Jung, who lifted him up in his arms to embrace him. The boy's name is Bui Thanh Hieu(9).

Professor Jung had performed surgery on Hieu's brain tumor the past November of 2011. He was able to stop by and check on Hieu's condition on the way to a medical information seminar visit in Vietnam this past 13th-18th.

Professor Jung's acquaintance with Hieu began through emails starting last year. The emails contained the emotional pleas of Hieu's mother Tan Thi Hue. The contents revealed that Hieu had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, but he desperately needed outside help as treatment was not possible with the existing medical care in Vietnam.
The September of last year, Professor Jung, in collaboration with the Nanum Medical Service Project, had also invited Mai Phuong Trang(6) for whom he performed pro-bono brain tumor surgery. Phuong Trang has since made a full recovery.

This story was nationally broadcast in a documentary produced by Hanoi TV at the time. This caught the eye of Tan Thi Hue, who immediately sent an email to Professor Jung.

Thie Hue's story of herlife as a hair stylist and mother singlehandedly raising her son Hieu moved Professor Jung and medical staff of CNU Hwasun Hospital.

Hieu and his mother came to Hwasun last year and were admitted from November 14th to December 2nd for treatment. CNU Hwasun Hospital's Medical Director Professor Jung performed Hieu's brain tumor surgery and thoroughly looked after his recovery. The high difficulty level surgery was completed successfully and Hieu's condition improved daily.

As Hieu's story was released to the internet, it led to a fundraising campaign for his medical treatment not only among Vietnamese people in Vietnam but also among those residing in Korea. Over 50 Vietnamese individuals residing in Korea personally visited the hospital to express their deep interest.

The Hieu who was met in Vietnam one year later is full of life. Since then, his mother has remarried, and they now have a stable family situation. On this day, Hieu along with his new stepfather and school teachers were joined with family and close friends to provide a warm welcome to Professor Jung's group. Hieu's mother showed tears as she said, "Here is the man who saved my son's life."

Professors Shin Jung, Woo-Yeol Jang, Young-Kyoo Park, and the rest of the CNU Hwasun Hospital medical staff introduced the most advanced medical techniques in cancer and brain tumors during their Vietnam visit.

At the medical information seminar, a large group of Vietnamese government officials and medical staff attended and showed great interest. Phuong Trang and her parents also made a 100 km trip to make a notable appearance.

With the Thanh Nhan Hospital with 700 hospital beds in Hanoi and the 115 People's Hospital with 1,600 hospital beds in Ho Chi Minh, MOUs were established. Cancer and brain tumor patients also received free consultations. Some of these patients who received consultation expressed their promises to visit Hwasun to receive treatment.

Professor Jung stated, "The simple-heartedness, sincerity, and great interest showed by the people in Vietnam made this visit worthwhile. Along with inviting their doctors to Korea for training, I hope to actively spread the word about Korea's advanced medical techniques and see the mutual advancement of both our countries and international patient recruitment, which I hope can invigorate Korea's cultural boom." He said this with a big smile.

PatientCNU Hwasun Hospital Pioneers Medical Tourism in Myanmar Burmese Inspection Team Satisfied with its Facility and Service ...
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CNU (Chonnam National Univesity) Hwasun Hospital is speeding up for pioneering medical tourism in South-East Aisa. Following Vietnam, it has got the green light for going into Myanmar. On January 10th, two Burmese inspection team for medical tourism visited CNU Hwasun Hospital (General Director, Dr. Hoon Kook).

 They are Kaung Thant(65) who is a publisher of Burmese influential daily newspaper, People's Age and Khin Maung Nyo(69) who is a journalist.  In particular, Kaung Thant owns five newspaper companies and has quite a lot of clout in public opinion. Mr. Maung Nyo is close with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who is the symbol of democracy in Myanmar.

 Mr. Kaung Thant remarked, "About 35,000 medical tourists are leaving for India or Thailand for their treatment, operation, and rest every year," adding "Medical Korean wave has surged and the interest towards advanced medical system of Korea has been increasing. I came to Korea to see the possibility of medical tourism."

 After looking around the cosmetic surgery system in Seoul metropolitan region, they stopped by to choose the optimal place for treatment for serious diseases.

 Mr. Maung Nyo stated, "Burmese people composed of lots of Buddhist prefer recreational places to congested big cities,", and to than, he added, "I heard that CNU Hwasun Hospital is the only general hospital located in the garden county. Long distance far from Incheon International Airport or Seoul metropolitan region is not a big problem. This is why I'm visiting Hwasun."

 These two execatives looked all around hospitalenvironment surrounded by forests and Healing Trail, facilities, and state-of-the-art medical technology carefully and they showed great interest while wathing the hospital's promotional video.

 They responded that they were very satisfied with medical competitiveness specialized in cancer and joint disease, safe & satisfactory service proved by JCI accreditation, and the system for attracting foreign patients.

 Mr. Kaung Thant suggested an exceptional opinion, saying "The biggest university hospital is planning to extend its building in Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. I would like to learn the eco-friendly knowhow of CNH Hwasun Hospital. I also look forward to positive consultation. In the near future, I will send the medical staffs from Yangon University Hospital to let them learn the medical care and system."

 General Director Hoon Kook replied, "Myanmar is a familiar country to us. I do respect Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. I will help them if there is a way to improve the Burmese public health. If there is an opportunity to educate Burmese doctors and treat serious diseases, I will support them positively."

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