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Review Category : Weight Loss

What to Consider When Purchasing International Health Insurance

Navigating the international health insurance world can be tricky. It’s incredibly important to read your policy from beginning to end, making notes and asking questions to your insurance provider wherever necessary.

Almost all policies are individually tailored, so it’s best to read through with a good highlighter, look up terms you don’t understand and ask your insurer to make any changes you require. Below is a list…

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A Plain Language Guide – How To Buy Health Insurance

There are four basic types of health insurance, each with their own unique qualities. As we move through the stages of our lives, different types of insurance become important. This guide will give you a better understanding on how to buy health insurance that´s right for you. Be sure to buy with the facts in hand.

Medical Expense Insurance

This type of insurance pertains to the treatment and prevention of accident or illness….

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Finding the perfect doctor for you has to do with more than simply the quality of a person’s education. Doctors blur the line between professional and intimate acquaintances. Accordingly, the “right” doctor should have both qualities that you expect from a professional in the field and qualities that are important in any intimate relationship. Keeping the following 5 “C”s in mind will help…

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Weight loss products and services are among the most sought after businesses all over the world. Where there is abundance of wealth (as in USA or Canada), weight gain is typically associated with eating unhealthy foods and increased calorie intake. The additional calories consumed every day coupled with no exercise gives rise to weight gain. The cycle of additional calories and no exercise is also responsible for the increase in other diseases like Read More →

Surgery in Mexico has shown tremendous growth over the past few years. This in turn has made it one of the top rated destinations offering some of the best quality surgical and medical procedures at very affordable rates. Doctors in Mexico are recognized globally for obesity surgery, plastic surgery, overall makeover treatments, Read More →

Fight fat, the new way!

The first serious attempt to fight unwanted body fat was liposuction, using equipment originally designed for abortions. After this, lasers were introduced to disrupt the membranes of fat cells and help emulsify them. According to researchers, laser liposuction is another example of expensive procedures as they require a lot of money for laser…

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