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Treatment of Infertility – Tribute to Dr Robert Edwards

It is certainly the greatest moment of sadness for me personally when I heard the sad demise of Dr. Edwards. The treatment of infertility has traversed through a difficult journey, but the starting point was certainly 1978, when D. Edwards and his colleagues declared something remarkable that had never happened. Passion, commitment and absolute determination are the key points for triumph as an infertility expert; I can admire the qualities in Dr. Edwards that led him to the success. There are not many people in the world that can say that their work has impacted the humanity in a consequential manner and certainly Sir Robert is one of those exceptional ones. His contribution to the world can never be missed. The success in achieving the fertilization outside womb is the biggest miracle and Dr. Robert actually did it!

I can very well imagine the ten years of agony and frustration when he waited desperately to get through with a successful pregnancy. The team was involved in the dedicatedly striving hard to get a breakthrough. Getting success of conception artificially is a long tiring process with various ups and downs. But as they say, tough moments never last, but tough people do! He and his colleagues went through the hardest time of the life and after a lot of sweat and blood; they got the success in 1978. The wait was exceptionally long, but ultimately successful. I am sure he would have felt himself top of the world while announcing the birth of the first test tube baby to the world. Gone are those days when couples have to remain childless because of the whim of Mother Nature. Now there are ways to overcome the problem and gift the most precious thing to a couple, a cute little baby!

The work initiated by Dr. Edwards and his colleagues has been taken forward by infertility experts worldwide and I can say that he did the fantastic job of bringing happiness to the life of millions of couples that were deprived of the most significant moment. The legacy will certainly live forever on the work of IVF, ART and the other infertility treatments that are being carried out all over. He was undoubtedly a gifted scientist and his works are simply unparallel.

Isn’t it true that destiny sometimes acts absolutely weird and it is impossible to find out the rationale behind it? If it had not been like that, then the most revolutionary invention of the medical won’t have taken a long gestation time and Dr. Robert would have received the noble prize much before than 2010! However, we must say that it is better late than never that he was awarded with the great honor at least.

I must admit that the energy and attitude of the great persona of Sir Edwards inspired millions of infertility experts like me. I am sure that history will remain the great contribution of Sir Robert Edwards forever and he would always be like a lighthouse for us while sailing through the journey of curing infertility!

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About the author  ⁄ Dr. Rita Bakshi

MBBS, DGO, MD (OBS & Gynae) Diploma in ART From KKIVF Hospital, Singapore WHO fellowship in Gynae Oncology from AIIMS, Delhi Diploma in Endoscopy From Kiel, Germany Senior Infertility Specialist & Endoscopy Surgeon Chairperson of International Fertility Centre Delhi, India

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