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Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Top 5 Treatments

Meet the new, ever-evolving, metrosexual male of the 21st-century. They are opting for cosmetic makeover whether it’s plastic surgery, personal trainers, skin care products, laser hair removal or dietary supplements.

Some factors brought about this change. First, more affordable cosmetic…

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There is always one feature about our appearance that we do not like, and we would do anything to get rid of it. For some this feature might be their nose while for others it can be anything between thighs, breasts, ears, or eyes. There has been a considerable amount of advancement in the plastic surgery field. This has helped numerous individuals around the globe to achieve the perfect reflection in the mirror they always wanted. Until now Read More →

Fight fat, the new way!

The first serious attempt to fight unwanted body fat was liposuction, using equipment originally designed for abortions. After this, lasers were introduced to disrupt the membranes of fat cells and help emulsify them. According to researchers, laser liposuction is another example of expensive procedures as they require a lot of money for laser…

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Looking fat and having loose skin?

Have you heard about body lifts?

Body lifts are booming surgeries in cosmetic surgical field. These are one of the fastest-growing areas of cosmetic surgery. Body lifts are basically used to reshape and contour the body following massive weight loss. It is gaining popularity as a result of unprecedented growth of bariatric (or weight…

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