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Private Health in Spain – The Rise of Private Care

A recent article published by Spanish regional newspaper laverdad in Murcia talks about the rise of private health in Spain. Fernando Mesa del Castillo is president of Murcia Union Hospital (in Spanish UMH “Union Murciana de Hospitales”). Murcia is one of the 17 Regions of Spain based right by the Mediterranean sea. Mr Castillo explained at a recent event that private health in Spain has to be seen as the best ally to alleviate waiting lists and to increase patient bed availability. Murcia Union Hospital is an organization that advocates for better health care and patient care.

Fernando Mesa del Castillo said: “It is very important to take notice of the existing problems resulting from the increasing saturation of patient numbers in public hospitals. This alone is sufficient motivation to ally with the private health sector in Spain, helping to solve the problem efficiently”. Mr Castillo added: “We´re approximately looking at 30% interaction between public and private health activities”.

A new health accreditation system is currently being implemented in the Murcia Region for clinics. This accreditation meets the requirements for hospital accreditation requested by the Health Department of Murcia Region, in regards to all aspects of legislation, patient rights, information privacy and safety, cohesion and management of health professions.

UMH has developed a program called “Patient Project”, a collective project aimed at improving quality of care and patient care, very much in line with providers of private health in Spain. This program integrates quality, safety and environmental protection. Mr Castillo´s said: “This project will bring health care closer to the world of standardization and certification – ISO 9000, 14000”.

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