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Obesity Surgery in Mexico

Surgery in Mexico has shown tremendous growth over the past few years. This in turn has made it one of the top rated destinations offering some of the best quality surgical and medical procedures at very affordable rates. Doctors in Mexico are recognized globally for obesity surgery, plastic surgery, overall makeover treatments, cosmetic dentistry, or hair transplants.
Weight loss surgery in Mexico is famous among patients who reside in countries where the treatment may otherwise cost an arm and a leg. The situation is even made worse for patients who do not have health insurance to pay for treatment in their home country. Sounds familiar?

Patients arriving from USA, Canada or United Kingdom, are receiving obesity surgery in Mexico by the thousands, and the number is expected to grow much further in the near future. If you´re not familiar with the term ´weight loss medical tourism´ you may want to contact Dr Gabriel Rosales at in Mexico, to find out about obesity treatments and surgery costs directly from this highly respected bariatric surgeon.

Weight loss surgery costs have skyrocketed in most countries, including USA or Canada. Also concerning, the lengthy waiting period one has to endure for surgery in many cases has contributed to the popularity of obesity surgery in Mexico. In this region, weight loss treatments such as gastric bypass or gastric banding are affordable and performed by top surgeons using high-tech equipment which meet international standards.

Obese patients can choose from a wide range of weight loss procedures including gastric bypasses, lap band surgery, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding and gastric sleeve.
Some of the greatest clinics and private hospitals in Mexico focus on treating obesity, providing surgical alternatives for obesity-related illnesses and conditions at standards which are equal or even better than many western nations.

A vast number of the surgeons and physicians in Mexico have received training in some of the most prestigious universities in the US. Other benefit of getting obesity surgery in Mexico is that waiting lines do not exist, its proximity to Canada and the United States makes this country the destination of choice for bariatric surgery. Contact Dr Gabriel Rosales for more information.

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About the author  ⁄ Dr Gabriel Rosales

Dr. Rosales is an experienced bariatric surgeon patients visit for effective obesity treatments. He performs gastric banding in Mexico and has successfully treated international gastric sleeve Monterrey and Piedras Negras patients who have traveled to these destinations to undergo surgery.

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