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IVF in Turkey – Fertility Clinic

IVF in Turkey – Fertility Clinic

The Jinemed group of Istanbul, Turkey was established 17 years ago as the first private clinic in Istanbul specialising in IVF treatments. The clinic is well aware of difficulties that British couples go through when it comes to infertility. Especially women above 35 years of age that are affected by this situation. Since GPs must request several tests for the couple, the NHS system can only provide these tests within long time intervals, sometimes from 6-12 months. Once the diagnosis is ready, the patient can be referred to an NHS hospital for reimbursement which takes yet more time.

Fertility Success

During this process, patient’s fertility success may diminish and this process also causes negative impact on the couple’s psychology. But of course a reimbursement system is costless for the patient and such a system would have such consequences. However all GPs are doctors and they surely inform patients to the short cut to reach the highest possible chances for their success in the treatment. This is not valid only for infertility treatments but also for other treatments where time plays a significant role. At this stage, GPs can inform patients about private hospitals within the UK and abroad. Jinemed of Istanbul, Turkey would like to work with GPs on this matter to provide patients with an alternative option. It is sure that not all patients are happy with the private treatments received in the UK due to costs, limitations on the number of embryos.

Better Pregnancy Rates

At this stage, some patients would consider other solutions, but it is not an easy decision for a patient to fly abroad and actually compare centres. Although there are informative websites on the net for IVF centres, the advice of GPs would have a greater impact for patients to fly abroad. When their patients are happier and get better pregnancy rates, GPs will be happier as well. English patients can start their treatment with our partner gynaecologists in the UK. This way, patients can stay only 7-10 days in Istanbul.

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IVF in Turkey. The Jinemed group of Istanbul, Turkey was established 17 years ago as the first private fertility clinic in Istanbul specialising in IVF treatment.

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