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Review Category : Fertility Treatment

A Plain Language Guide – How To Buy Health Insurance

There are four basic types of health insurance, each with their own unique qualities. As we move through the stages of our lives, different types of insurance become important. This guide will give you a better understanding on how to buy health insurance that´s right for you. Be sure to buy with the facts in hand.

Medical Expense Insurance

This type of insurance pertains to the treatment and prevention of accident or illness….

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Finding the perfect doctor for you has to do with more than simply the quality of a person’s education. Doctors blur the line between professional and intimate acquaintances. Accordingly, the “right” doctor should have both qualities that you expect from a professional in the field and qualities that are important in any intimate relationship. Keeping the following 5 “C”s in mind will help…

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Polycystic Ovaries: how do they affect your health and fertility?

Millions of women worldwide are suffering with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and going undiagnosed, untreated, unsupported and this must change!

PCOS is a medical condition that can have a serious effect on a woman’s ability to conceive. To help women with this condition Barbados Fertility Centre is holding a FREE online seminar at the 2013…

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IVF in Turkey – Fertility Clinic

The Jinemed group of Istanbul, Turkey was established 17 years ago as the first private clinic in Istanbul specialising in IVF treatments. The clinic is well aware of difficulties that British couples go through when it comes to infertility. Especially women above 35 years of age that are affected by this situation. Since GPs must request several…

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IVF Treatment Breakthrough

Thousands of couples suffering from infertility may stand to benefit from an artificial reproduction breakthrough that might dramatically raise the treatment’s success rate.
Scientists now believe that it’s possible to double or perhaps even triple the ratio of healthy babies produced by fertility treatments, using a simple method that involves time lapse photography of the developing…

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It is certainly the greatest moment of sadness for me personally when I heard the sad demise of Dr. Edwards. The treatment of infertility has traversed through a difficult journey, but the starting point was certainly 1978, when D. Edwards and his colleagues declared something remarkable that had never happened. Passion, commitment and absolute determination are the key points for triumph as an infertility expert; I can admire the qualities in Dr. Edwards that led him to the success. There are not…

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Control the sweet tooth if you want success in getting pregnant

As you move forward for an exciting vacation, the first thing that tempts you is the great opportunity to munch. The little treats keeps on bombarding you with the loads of sugar that you just tend to ignore in the name of fun and relaxation. Have you been struggling hard…

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Beware couples… the biological clock is ticking!
The biological clock has been the subject of much media attention in recent years, any practitioner in reproductive medicine is painfully aware of the difficulties in achieving a healthy pregnancy after a woman reaches the late 30’s. in this respect, two important points need to be understood by all couples.

Firstly, it should be understood that ovaries of a woman may age using a different clock from that used by the rest of her body. This…

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Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) will be featured in the Vanguard documentary ‘Under the knife abroad’, which airs on Monday 15 November 9:00pm PST/8:00pm CT on Current TV.

The documentary looks at the future of US healthcare and how many Americans are forced to leave their homes for affordable treatment outside of the US.

BFC is a JCI accredited centre of excellence for IVF treatment and is considered to be one of the leaders in the field of reproductive medicine with success rates as high…

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Barbados Fertility Centre is the only JCI accredited IVF clinic in the Caribbean. Focused on individual care, we are committed to providing the highest quality medical care with an established and success proven, internationally trained medical team. Join our fertility forum and read patient testimonials and reviews.

Company Overview
Our philosophy at Barbados Fertility Centre is INDIVIDUAL CARE.
At Barbados…

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