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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Top 5 Treatments

Meet the new, ever-evolving, metrosexual male of the 21st-century. They are opting for cosmetic makeover whether it’s plastic surgery, personal trainers, skin care products, laser hair removal or dietary supplements.

Some factors brought about this change. First, more affordable cosmetic surgery for men compared with cosmetic prices of ten years ago, followed by greater social acceptance and an increasing desire to feel and look younger by today’s men. Although some potential physical and social side effects are attached to these procedures, this trend is gaining new male patients each year.

According to a famous aesthetic plastic surgeon, “Men are doing whatever they can to look younger and reverse the stressful aging process. They’ve found many acceptable alternatives that they no longer have to be secretive about”.

This trend has not grown out suddenly. It’s been a gradual due process to reach this point. Around 30 to 40 years back, plastic surgery was considered as something only for the rich and famous. But if you look at their cost now, it’s become affordable for the majority of people. At the same time, people are being open-minded to discuss cosmetic issues in the media as well as among friend circles. Men’s attitude toward plastic surgery have paralleled those of women.

Over 7, 000,000 cosmetic procedures were undertaken in America just in 2010, according to authentic plastic surgery statistics. This number, however, represents just 8 percent of the total. The number of annual cosmetic procedures for men has increased more than 88 percent. Nearly 75 percent of those procedures were opted by men between the ages of 35 and 64.

The top five surgical procedures for men are as follows. Largest number of males opted for liposuction of their excess fat (37,183), followed closely by rhinoplasty (30,099) and eyelid surgery (20,675). After this comes male breast reduction to treat enlarged male breasts (18,256), and cosmetic ear surgery (10,849) for appearance. Tummy tuck is now also a fast-rising procedure that will likely invade the top five soon.

Most magazines designed and created for men seems to suggest that you cannot present yourself unless you have a six-pack. Now the media is far more pervasive than it used to be. When media show images, they create an ideal that people aspire to, if your idol says he or she underwent cosmetic surgery, many people will tend to follow.

Sex appeal was a word in advertising used to be an almost-exclusive for women. Then People Magazine debuted its “Sexiest Man Alive” feature in 1985. In a generation’s time, the male body became a part of the mainstream media, and men had something new to worry about.

There is a bit of a shift in power and roles in our society occurring over the past 20 years or so. In the last few years, the stress on the economy has, in a way, heightened anxieties in both men and women. One other theory or perspective is that this trend is almost a reaction by women becoming sick and tired of always being looked at as a sex object. Women are thinking, we will look at you as a sex object, too. Search for clinics offering cosmetic surgery for men.

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