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Body Lift – Interesting facts

Looking fat and having loose skin?

Have you heard about body lifts?

Body lifts are booming surgeries in cosmetic surgical field. These are one of the fastest-growing areas of cosmetic surgery. Body lifts are basically used to reshape and contour the body following massive weight loss. It is gaining popularity as a result of unprecedented growth of bariatric (or weight loss) surgeries being performed in modern surgery. Weight loss surgery for unhealthy obesity is a multi-step process. Body lift surgery is the final step of a journey that begins with bariatric surgery.

Body lift is based on similar concept of a facelift, which smoothens and tightens the skin and underlying tissues and removes unwanted pockets of fat to eliminate loose skin. There are various reasons for body lift. However, the most common reason for a body lift is not aging, but rather loose skin that cannot conform to body contours. This skin excess may be as a result of lost or poor elasticity after weight loss, liposuction or other body-shape changes.

People often agree to plastic surgery to remove the final remnants of their former lives of being heavy. A common complaint is ‘I’ve lost 100 pounds, but to me, I still look and feel fat.’

When you have lost 100 or more pounds, there is significant skin excess. This is because the skin which earlier enveloped and accommodated 300 pounds is now on a frame carrying only 160 pounds. Therefore, there’s a lot of skin excess. The excess skin is not only in the front, but all the way around the body. Thus, circumferential surgeries such as body lifts are better solution for these patients more than a tummy tuck.

Such patient requires everything to be done for correcting this skin excess. This includes an upper body lift (breasts, lateral chest, back), a lower body lift (abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks) and extremities (upper arms and inner thighs). There is no need to perform all the surgeries at once; rather a staged surgery is more suitable. These operations are typically performed in three stages, partly for reasons of patient safety. The general health and duration of anesthesia are main considerations. Although significant scarring is inevitable, this group of patients tends to be more accepting of extensive scars as this surgery gives a better quality of life.

For some patients, the underlying issue is not fat, but rather excess skin. The younger patients who benefit from a body lift are those who have gained and lost a large amount of weight. This combination stresses the skin to shapes and proportions that can only be corrected through a body lift procedure.

During a body lift, your plastic surgeon reshapes your body contours by reducing fat; lifting, tightening and shaping the underlying skin matrix. After this, the overlying skin is smoothened and reduced.

A body lift can address stretch marks, if the skin which is to be excised contains them, and cellulite. Stretch marks are the precursor of truly sagging skin, which can only be addressed with body lift surgery. “But for most patients, stretch marks are only one part of the picture. Even a mini-tummy tuck, to a full tummy tuck or body lift, can offer dramatic results.

Cellulite is another problem which is actually a skin issue, not a fat issue. The stretched out bands of connective tissue give an orange-peel look because it’s the part of the skin which allows the fatty layer beneath the skin to bulge through.

Since women experience cellulite significantly more than men, most researchers believe estrogen plays an important role in its development. In this case, a body lift can help to make the skin smoother,” says a famous plastic surgeon.

So do not worry about skin laxity anymore, a body lift is a very good option for you.

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