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About the author  ⁄ Dr. Rita Bakshi

MBBS, DGO, MD (OBS & Gynae) Diploma in ART From KKIVF Hospital, Singapore WHO fellowship in Gynae Oncology from AIIMS, Delhi Diploma in Endoscopy From Kiel, Germany Senior Infertility Specialist & Endoscopy Surgeon Chairperson of International Fertility Centre Delhi, India

It is certainly the greatest moment of sadness for me personally when I heard the sad demise of Dr. Edwards. The treatment of infertility has traversed through a difficult journey, but the starting point was certainly 1978, when D. Edwards and his colleagues declared something remarkable that had never happened. Passion, commitment and absolute determination are the key points for triumph as an infertility expert; I can admire the qualities in Dr. Edwards that led him to the success. There are not…

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Control the sweet tooth if you want success in getting pregnant

As you move forward for an exciting vacation, the first thing that tempts you is the great opportunity to munch. The little treats keeps on bombarding you with the loads of sugar that you just tend to ignore in the name of fun and relaxation. Have you been struggling hard…

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