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What to Consider When Purchasing International Health Insurance

Navigating the international health insurance world can be tricky. It’s incredibly important to read your policy from beginning to end, making notes and asking questions to your insurance provider wherever necessary.

Almost all policies are individually tailored, so it’s best to read through with a good highlighter, look up terms you don’t understand and ask your insurer to make any changes you require. Below is a list…

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A Plain Language Guide – How To Buy Health Insurance

There are four basic types of health insurance, each with their own unique qualities. As we move through the stages of our lives, different types of insurance become important. This guide will give you a better understanding on how to buy health insurance that´s right for you. Be sure to buy with the facts in hand.

Medical Expense Insurance

This type of insurance pertains to the treatment and prevention of accident or illness….

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Finding the perfect doctor for you has to do with more than simply the quality of a person’s education. Doctors blur the line between professional and intimate acquaintances. Accordingly, the “right” doctor should have both qualities that you expect from a professional in the field and qualities that are important in any intimate relationship. Keeping the following 5 “C”s in mind will help…

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IVF Treatment Breakthrough

Thousands of couples suffering from infertility may stand to benefit from an artificial reproduction breakthrough that might dramatically raise the treatment’s success rate.
Scientists now believe that it’s possible to double or perhaps even triple the ratio of healthy babies produced by fertility treatments, using a simple method that involves time lapse photography of the developing…

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Beware couples… the biological clock is ticking!
The biological clock has been the subject of much media attention in recent years, any practitioner in reproductive medicine is painfully aware of the difficulties in achieving a healthy pregnancy after a woman reaches the late 30’s. in this respect, two important points need to be understood by all couples.

Firstly, it should be understood that ovaries of a woman may age using a different clock from that used by the rest of her body. This…

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Being sensitive is not good for teeth!

There’s nothing more irritating than a sensitive tooth. A person cannot venture into eating or drinking anything cool, too sour or hot with sensitive teeth. Our teeth have four layers; the outer enamel, inner dentin, pulp and cementum. Teeth become sensitive when the outer enamel layer wears off and the food you eat comes in direct contact with the dentin tubules. Although there is no permanent solution for the problem various clinical and home remedies are…

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Top 5 Treatments

Meet the new, ever-evolving, metrosexual male of the 21st-century. They are opting for cosmetic makeover whether it’s plastic surgery, personal trainers, skin care products, laser hair removal or dietary supplements.

Some factors brought about this change. First, more affordable cosmetic…

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There is always one feature about our appearance that we do not like, and we would do anything to get rid of it. For some this feature might be their nose while for others it can be anything between thighs, breasts, ears, or eyes. There has been a considerable amount of advancement in the plastic surgery field. This has helped numerous individuals around the globe to achieve the perfect reflection in the mirror they always wanted. Until now Read More →

Back pain is a very common problem worldwide. And the interesting thing about back pain is that it is usually not due to any serious disease. Most episodes of back pain get better quickly. Simple analgesics (pain-relieving medication) and a change of activity are generally all that is needed.

However, the first step for managing back pain is to rule out the possibility…

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