IVF Clinic – Barbados Fertility Centre

IVF Clinic – Barbados Fertility Centre

IVF clinic in Barbados providing cutting edge fertility treatment with holistic therapies, resulting in success rates significantly above the UK and USA average. Join thousands treated since 2002. One of the best fertility clinics worldwide.


Fertility Centre in Barbados – IVF Clinic

Barbados Fertility Centre

We combine cutting edge fertility treatments with holistic therapies, resulting in success rates significantly above the UK and USA average.

Patients choose us for many different reasons. Some because of the incredibly high success rates and low treatment prices. Others choose us because of the holistic approach we take to treatment and the fact we are JCI accredited. Find out more about BFC and the many reasons to choose us for your fertility treatment.
We believe that including holistic treatments and approaches to this process greatly improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.
Barbados Fertility Centre provides a team approach to your care. Throughout your treatment with us, a highly specialized team of doctors, nurses and embryologists will manage your case individually, to provide the best possible outcome.


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  • Christ Church, Barbados

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IVF Clinic - Barbados Fertility Centre, 4.2 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

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Meet Our Medical Team & Staff

Dr. Juliet Skinner MRCOG MRCPI
Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
After being awarded the Barbados scholarship, Dr Skinner, completed her undergraduate medical training at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Women's health was always of special interest to her from early on in her training and she specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
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Juliet worked in the Coombe Women's Hospital and was at that time the youngest doctor to ever be appointed the position of Assistant Master of this prestigious Dublin maternity hospital. After completing her specialisation in Dublin she continued as Perinatal Research Fellow. During this time she developed and evaluated a number of ultrasound diagnostic tests both for fertility and for obstetrics. In 1999 she returned home to Barbados where she dedicated her time to expanding the medical care options to women on the island and within the Caribbean. Fertility and IVF then became the main focus of her interest. Dr Skinner was instrumental is developing Barbados Fertility Centre from a start up unit with the goal of becoming one of the best in the world. From the beginning the mission was to create a centre, which would maximise each and every couple's chance of success by offering the latest technology and the best facilities and by ensuring attention to every detail. Dr Skinner is a Consultant Gynaecologist who leads the team at Barbados Fertility Centre.
Anna Hosford,RGN
Anna, originally from Ireland, has had extensive fertility experience from both sides of the Atlantic. After completing her nursing training in Dublin, Ireland, she moved to San Francisco, USA where worked with Dr Christo Zouves and Dr Geoffrey Sher in Pacific Fertility Center.
Full CV
Anna spent 4 years managing the daily clinical operations at PFC and specialised in coordinating overseas couples for IVF cycles. Anna returned home in 1999 where she introduced the high American standard of fertility care to an Irish start up unit. She managed this for 4 years before getting the opportunity to create her own fertility clinic in Barbados with Dr. Juliet Skinner. Throughout Anna's 14 years exposure to the pain infertile couples experience, her dream has always been to create the ultimate fertility care within a reduced stress environment. This dream became a reality in Barbados as it shows in our high success rates.
Rachel de Gale
Patient Liaison Manager
Rachel, originally from Barbados, worked extensively with the international business market for close to a decade before joining the team at Barbados Fertility Centre. With this experience, Rachel brings the customer assistance facet to the team. It is her goal managing the financial and administrative departments to inform patients of the financial aspect of their infertility treatment all the while making it an exceptionally stress free experience.
Full CV
Since joining the clinic in 2004, Rachel has helped to guide many couples through the Holiday Packages offered by the clinic and thoroughly enjoys being able to promote her beautiful home country to patients visiting our shores. Rachel is especially delighted to coordinate the specifically tailored and successful 'Healthy Mind Body Programme', which has proved to be a beneficial compliment to IVF treatment.
Cyrilene Austrie
Head Receptionist
Cyrilene, originally from Barbados, is the Head Receptionist at Barbados Fertility Centre. Cyrilene is an expert in this field. She worked as a legal secretary in a busy, successful firm in the UK.
Full CV
Cyrilene returned to Barbados in 1999 after many years in the UK and has since worked with Dr. Skinner in the medical field exclusively. Cyrilene manages the front desk with precision and efficiency to ensure our couples get prompt medical and administrative attention.
Rhonda Greaves
Rhonda, a Barbadian, worked with UK expatriates at the Department for International Development (British High Commission) for 21 years.
Full CV
She started there as a Receptionist and moved up through the ranks to Secretary and then to Network Assistant. Rhonda joined Barbados Fertility Centre in 2005 and brings to the team a wealth of experience in dealing with members of the public, from Barbados, other Caribbean islands and the UK. She is proud to welcome patients to her beautiful Caribbean island home and is excellent at making patients feel at home and is very efficient at interacting with patients.
Lauren Marshall M.A
Clinical Psychologist 
Lauren is our Clinical Psychologist who trained at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She returned home to Barbados in August 2006 and has been in private practice since.
Full CV
Lauren leads our Healthy Mind Body programme which is designed to help participants optimise their general health and well-being, as well as their reproductive health. The group teaches couples to build their health, learn to elicit the relaxation response and cope better with the stress created by infertility. It also teaches ways to reduce harmful thought patterns which can lead to depression and increase stress levels. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the Healthy Mind Body Programme for infertility can be dramatic and can increase your chances significantly of a successful treatment.
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Patient Testimonials - Comments and Votes

Patient" When I was 21 I was sick and losing weight whilst trying to finish college, after 8 months of this I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease.  "
Kate & Nick Etheridge
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Some of the specialists I saw had been very dismissive of my condition and suggested it was my body going through adolescent changes. It was only when I was admitted to the emergency room that they finally took my case seriously. My Gynaecologist performed surgery on me and when I came round she told me that I had been a month away from a full hysterectomy and that it was highly unlikely I would ever conceive naturally. At 24 I was diagnosed with relapse/remitting multiple sclerosis and it was recommended that if wanted a family of my own I should try sooner rather than later. By age 28 I had inflamed fallopian tubes and I was admitted into Hospital to have both tubes removed due to infection, in fact, only the right tube was removed as the left was considered to be capable of healing. I was 36 when I found that I was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, this was treated with methotrexate, a drug used to treat cancer patients, however, after two doses of this drug my left fallopian tube ruptured and caused internal bleeding, I was rushed to Accident and Emergency in a very bad state. They operated but only removed the damaged part of the tube, leaving me vulnerable to further ectopic pregnancies should I attempt any kind of fertility treatment. I was off work for two months during which time I saw a psychologist to help me through the very difficult time because it was clear to me that to have a baby I was going to have 100% assistance. Two years later while my partner Nick and I were holidaying in the Maldives, South Asia, we made the decision to embark on IVF. Our first appointment was August that year but sadly the attempt was unsuccessful. The second attempt was in January 2009 but yet again the blood test came back negative and I was recommended to try using donor eggs. While researching this as an option we made a third attempt, at age 39 , this was also unsuccessful. Shortly after this last failed attempt Nick was offered a position to work in Trinidad and Tobago. We seriously considered this and by October we made our first trip there. While on this inaugural trip Nick asked me to marry him at the Asa Wright Nature Reserve, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Two months later we got married at Chelsea Old Town Hall here in England. We spent our wedding night in the Kipling Suite at The Nutfield Priory near Redhill, Surrey and the following morning attended church in the snow for my nieces christening where I was made Godmother. Life was good. That January we packed up, stored, shipped both our personal belongings and our two beloved cats and hosted a farewell drinks party for friends before heading off to start our new adventure living in the Caribbean. Once settled I got in touch with a friend living in Grenada who told me about her experience at the Barbados Fertility Centre. She has four year old twins courtesy of BFC and a surprise little boy two years later. As for us, the rest, as they say, is history. My first injections for this fourth cycle began on my 41st Birthday, then in April we travelled to the Barbados Fertility Centre for the final stages. A week and a half later I started bleeding and although I remained as calm as possible I simply wasn't convinced this was just implantation bleeding. It persisted and, in fact, went on for just over two weeks, during which time I did two pregnancy tests, both of which appeared to me as inconclusive as there was only a very faint line. We were advised to go for quantitative hcg blood tests, the first result came back at 114 which I didn't realise at first was a good thing. I was beside myself !!!!! So was Nick. The tests were repeated two days later and having proceeded with great caution we were quietly excited when the level came back at 200 ... it was rising ! Four days later it was 430 and again, four days later it was 1,034, we could go for a scan and we finally started to think that I really might be pregnant ! It took some time to allow ourselves to be excited at what was happening, we didn't want to be disappointed, but the truth was that I really had a new life inside me ... our darling gorgeous Kitty.
Patient"Going to Barbados Fertility Centre after a failed IUI and failed IVF at another clinic was the best thing I could have ever done in my life and I wish I went there first."
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"I opted for a local clinic initially as it just seemed more convenient and less costly, but don't let that be your deciding factor. I have always heard good things about Barbados Fertility Centre and from my first visit to the Trinidad office to my arrival in Barbados, it was a very pleasant experience. Barbados Fertility Centre is extremely well organised, very accommodating and very helpful. Everyone is skilled in each aspect of their job profiles and they make you feel very comfortable every step of the way. The atmosphere of Barbados itself is relaxing, the cool sea breeze, walking along the beach…this really does make you forget about everyday life back home and it helps your body to absorb and accept the treatment you are receiving. IVF is physically and emotionally challening, mainly because you know that after all the effort success is never a guarantee, but I believe that at Barbados Fertility Centre they are honest with you and will do everything they can to maximise your chances of pregnancy. I am now 36 and was considered to be a poor ovarian responder who may never be able to have children and thanks to Barbados Fertility Centre I am now pregnant and I can't thank them enough!""
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