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Barcelona Centre Medic

Barcelona Centre Medic
Spain | City: Barcelona

Part of a unique European initiative, Barcelona Centre Medic is a high quality service in integrated medical care, provided by 20 of the most reputable and prestigious health centres in Barcelona. World class surgery and medical care.

Beauty Hungary – Clinic in Hungary

Beauty Hungary – Clinic in Hungary
Hungary | City: Budapest

BeautyHungary is a certified facilitator of medical tourism in Budapest, Hungary. It combines health and beauty with an opportunity for travel and leisure. We offer cost saving packages that combine first class treatments and leisure.

CNU Hospital Group – South Korea

CNU Hospital Group – South Korea
Korea, South | City: Gwangju

We are a group of the best hospitals in Korea specialists in dentistry, heart surgery, cancer treatment, orthopedic surgery. According to recent surveys about patient satisfaction CNU Hospitals rank among the best in Korea.

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